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unixcw is a project providing libcw library and a set of programs using the library: cw, cwgen, cwcp and xcwcp. The programs are intended for people who want to learn receiving and sending Morse code. unixcw is developed and tested on GNU/Linux system.

Current version of unixcw is 3.5.1, it has been published in February 2017.

unixcw has been developed by Simon Baldwin until mid of 2006. On 10.09.2011 the project has been taken over by Kamil Ignacak, with kind permission from Simon.

unixcw is a free software, released under GNU General Public License v2.0.

You can visit project's page on SourceForge.

You can contact current developer and maintainer of this software using this e-mail address: acerion at wp dot pl.

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